Show and Tell

Show and tell what you know how to do to teach those who don't!

1.  Practice video for “Old Time Cumberland Gap”.

(Courtesy of  Note: if you're on this page via a mobile device or a tablet, you may not be able to see this video.

3a. How DO you play the tricky part in Arkansas Traveler? Neal Hellman shows one way using hammer-ons and pull-offs to play it easily and efficiently. He demonstrates three times from two different angles. Watch 3b--> as he names the frets he plays.

4. What's going on with both hands in "Azika Tali"? Neal Hellman explains and demonstrates the technique of "dampening" on his South African song "Azika Tali" that he taught in his recent workshop. Side tangent: he talks Joni Mitchell and Crete. Note: if you want to watch Neal's hands in slow-mo, scrub to 0:25, and click on the little wheel next to the phrase Youtube on your screen. You'll see various speed options. Start at .5 and move up or down according to your wish. 






2. What is a tremolo and how do you do it?  (returning soon)

(Answer courtesy of Wanda O'Guin of the Grand Old Dulcimer Club.  Note: if you are on this page via a mobile device or a tablet, you might not be able to see this video.)

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3b. What fret numbers do you play on that tricky part? Neal names the fret numbers as he plays for the tricky part of Arkansas Traveler on the mountain dulcimer.

5. What's the difference between rhythm and timing?  British musician and composer Dan Evans does a simple demonstration to illustrate the difference between rhythm and timing.