News from Japan: Former Member Yoshi Kinefuchi Sends Greetings to the GODC

Today ( May 1, 2019) we are celebrating the start of a new era in Japan. Our Emperor stepped down due to his old age and from Today we have a new Emperor (Naruhito). I was watching the ceremonies on TV. Japanese People are in a festive mood. The new Empress (Princess Masako)is a former diplomat and Masami and I know her well. She was a junior staff when my husband was in the headquarter office. And as I was working at the Foreign Service Institute (Training institution for Japanese diplomats), I remember receiving her as one of the newly employed diplomats there. She was not only beautiful but so elegant. (She graduated from Harvard too) After she married the crown prince, she fell ill for a long time, but today she seems to be recovering. I hope she will be healthy and strong again.

Our grand daughter is growing fast. I am sending a few pictures of her and our family.


The wrap is a sort of our traditional baby wrap in kimono style.

It is used to cover the baby with mother (or grandmother) when visiting the shrine. We go to the shrine to pray for the good health and happiness of the new born babies after one or two months. Then after 100 days (three months), we have another celebration for the baby. We call it "Okuizome" (first bite ceremony), as we start to feed the baby with other food than milk. In reality, babies don't start to eat food, but it is just our tradition.

Of course you are welcome to share the photos and my updates with all the friends of dulcimer and GODC. I always enjoy reading the group emails from Linda and keep me informed with the group's recent activities. How I wish I could join you again!

The weather is just gorgeous in Japan now. I try to take a walk whenever I can. There are lots of green spots near my house and I just love to smell the flowers blooming in the spring sun shine! It is a beautiful season again. I hope you enjoy the wonderful spring time in Tennessee too.