On the Road Again (Day 3) The Recap by Elaine Williams

This has been a wonderful workshop. I wish everyone could come along with us and experience this. We have met people from as far west as Oregon, down south in Florida and to the east in North Carolina as well as from Arkansas and many other states. We have found the dulcimer community a great group of people. The teachers are so talented and knowledgeable. Today I took a class from Aaron O’Roarke who is probably one of the best dulcimer players I have ever heard. If you ever get to meet him make sure you ask him to play Boil Them Cabbage Down. And on to class with Dottie Sheppard learning to sing along with church songs. My last class of Welsh Church music with Nancy Galambush. Stephanie spent her class time with Linda Brockinton and Jeff Furman on technique. After the concert (picture of all performers included) I participated in learning Contra Dance but quickly decided I had two left feet. Until next time..... (Click photos to see Elaine and Stephanie’s slideshow).

On the Road Again (Day 3) Stephanie sends a video and photos

Well its 10:22 so this will be short and sweet. Another busy day at NGFDA. I want to share some photos from the concert tonight introducing to you some new faces for me in the dulcimer community. Names are on photos. Also have uploaded a video of a "planxty" by Linda Brockinton.(Check back tonight for video)


11.15.2018 On the Road Again ... Blogging Sisters (Day 2) by Elaine

I started my day with classes on flat picking and fingerpicking with Judy House and Linda Brockinton in the first two sessions of the day. The session in the afternoon was with Jeff Furman working on hammer-ons and pull-offs as well as smoothing our playing with chords. It was so exciting when something clicked and “the lightbulb came on in my head”. Of course, looking and shopping in the booths is a special treat between sessions.

11.15.2018 On the Road Again (Day 2) by Stephanie

As we nestle in this German town in the mountains of north Georgia we learn, learn and learn. Today for me was Butch Ross, Ann Lough, and Linda Brockinton. A day of 70's music, playing in G without a capo and hymnals with many teaching points. Ended the evening with a concert. Everyone needs to check out Matthew Dickerson on hammered dulcimer for some beautiful music. And look who we ran into.

11.14.2018 On the Road Again with Stephanie and Elaine (pt 1)


Stephanie and her sister Elaine leave this dispatch as they head out to the North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association’s annual festival in Unicoi State Park. (Link here.)

Stephanie writes: Long day of traveling in the rain to the North Georgia Dulcimer Festival. Stopped in Cleveland for the Cabbage Patch Hospital. Beautiful views along the  way.