In 2003, forty some members of The Grand Old Dulcimer Club, led by David Schnaufer, recorded "Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm" on wax cylinders like musicians did in the old days. Under the direction of Edison cylinder recording engineer Martin Fisher, the recording took place at Two Rivers Mansion in Nashville, Tn.  Watch an excerpt from the film, "Wax" that documented the recording that day, and go back in time to listen to the sound of the old time music just as our ancestors heard it as it was played from the wax cylinders. 

Tull Glazener has copies of Wax for sale on his website. Click the button to find out more information.

Below: Portion of a lecture David Schnaufer gave on the Tennessee Music Box.  Watch him play "All the Good Times are Past and Gone".  If you're interested in a closer view of the Tennessee Music Box, click here to watch Stephen explain and play a modern replica similar to the music box David plays. 

Below: Listen to Cindy Lauper sing "Twilight Eyes", composed by David Schnaufer who is accompanied by Stephen Seifert on the album, Delcimore Revisited